The Challenge

To improve upon the playstyle of Gauntlet without going too far off the beaten path

The Solution

Complete rewrite of the backend, switch to FSM for the mission selector so that you have 100% control of what state it is in.

Recoded with fps in mind

Easy to integrate with any map


Public Test Candidate 1 Completion


Public Test Candidate 2 Completion


V1.0 Release

FPS increase over developement span 10+FPS

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Lines of code in mission


Drag and drop integration

Easily port the mission over to any map that is available, one line of code needs tweaking then you are set!

One word: Smoooth

Eu#3 Player

View The Gitlab page

Cut down on development time and add the bugs you find during the tests to the issue tracker over at the Valiant Gitlab page!