AWE – AhoyWorld Enhanced

AhoyWorld Enhanced (AWE) is AhoyWorld’s Modded ArmA3 server. The purpose of it, is to provides our users with a more tactical, realistic playing field.

The server involves users playing together in a much more squad friendly environment with a zero tolerance to lone wolves. The use of Teamspeak 3 is required to communicate through the TFAR radio mod. This mod allows for communication ingame by use of radios, through Teamspeak 3.

All new users must join us on Teamspeak (preferably in the setup room) and read the AWE channel descriptions. We recommend speaking to a few of our members, so you have people to play with on server, before starting your AWE adventure. This is so you can ask a member to help guide you through some of the basics. When playing on our AWE server, we expect you to follow fellow players you will also be required to follow the orders of command/squad leaders. But don’t worry you’ll have the opportunity to do these roles in the future.

Teamplay at its core

A wider variety of terrains to play on


Teamplay oriented server

AhoyWorld Enhanced was setup to be more serious that EU#1/2


Our in house mission, made for fps and teamplay

Our own hosted repo with setup-guide

Just follow the guide and you will be playing in no time!

Check out the forums

See whats being discussed and find all the links for the guides to become a functioning player of AhoyWorld Enhanced.