Rules and Guidelines

Updated: 25th January 2017

The purpose of the AhoyWorld Enhanced server is to provides our users with a realistic playing field that emphasises tactical, cooperative gameplay. The server involves users playing together in a squad friendly environment with zero tolerance to lone wolves.

Common sense should be applied in the interpretation in these guidelines. Anything not explicitly stated is left to the staff’s discretion.

We reserve the right to restrict Squad Leader, Platoon Commander and Pilot slots to players who have shown that they either have the knowledge to lead, or can perform under pressure.

  1. Use of Teamspeak is mandatory.
    • You must be on teamspeak with a mic ( to play on AWE.
    • If assistance is required for TeamSpeak or Mod integration with TeamSpeak, seek help on Forums, not in-game.
    • We are a European-based community, however we ask that all users speak English on AWE
  2. No teamkilling allowed.
    • Do not teamkill. Any type of on purpose teamkilling will not be accepted; IE. revenge killing, executions, dicking around, even if somebody asks you or gives permission.
    • Wrongfully using medical supplies IE. injecting someone with any sort of drug without a medical need is not permitted.
    • Do not dare/antagonize someone to teamkill, and/or create a situation where teamkilling is very likely to happen. (Capturing an enemy vehicle and failing to properly notify your team)
    • Continued negligence resulting in repeated accidental teamkilling is not acceptable.
  3. Listen to the Chain Of Command.
    • Listen to the orders from your superior, and implement them to the best of your ability.
  4. Text chat should be minimal.
    • Only use cTAB and TFAR for in-game communication.
    • Vanilla ArmA chat systems should only be used if Moderator assistance is required, kept to a minimum, and only as a last resort.
  5. Fill the primary slots before secondary/support.
    • Fill Alpha before Bravo and Support squads.
    • One AT Squad is acceptable without a full Alpha, and is exempt from the above
    • UAV Operator without a Platoon Commander requires the consent of the Alpha Squad Leader.
    • Platoon Medic and FAC should only be used with a Platoon Commander online.
    • No more than two Support squads without a Platoon Commander online
    • Hammer and/or Torch should only be used if Bravo can be filled, and a Platoon Commander is online.
    • Vortex 1 Pilot requires zero infantry. Vortex 1 Co-Pilot requires 8 infantry. Vortex 2 team requires 16 infantry.
  6. Do not fire a weapon in base.
    • Do not discharge any of your weapons in base. This includes launchers, throwables and place-able explosives.

AWE – AhoyWorld Enhanced

7.    Pilots & vehicle crews must be authorized to use CAS/Armor.

  • Pilots should not leave base with CAS assets without direct orders from their direct superior.
  • Pilots may suggest the use of CAS during mission planning; never during active operations.
  • Apaches, Vipers and Tandem Planes should never be flown solo.
  • CAS pilots and Tank Crews should be on standby in a safe orbit over/around the AO unless instructed otherwise by command element.
  • Tank crews and CAS pilots must seek clearance from Command element prior to conducting strikes.

8.    Play your role.

  • If not a Medic or Engineer, don’t carry explosives or massive amounts of Medical gear. If no Medic or Engineer is online, seek permission from your superior.
  • Use faction-specific gear.
  • Don’t overdo your loadout. A 40kg Rifleman is not acceptable.

9.    First Medic is always in charge.

  • The first medic on scene decides how to treat a patient. Do not apply any treatment without consent from the first medic on scene.
  • Do not crowd casualties. If the Medic needs help treating a casualty, he will ask.

10.  Radios should be used for important conversation.

  • Please keep radio chatter to a minimum. Do not use radio to convey a message to someone standing next to you. When using the radio, always consider whether your message is relevant to everyone on the net.
  • No two squads on the same shortwave channel.

11.  Keep vehicles in their respective areas.

  • Helicopters and ground vehicles should not be parked inside the spawn area.

12.  Avoid collateral damage.

  • Avoid civilians casualties
  • Avoid needless destruction of civilian buildings and vehicles.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the Commanding Officer, Rules of Engagement is fire if fired upon.

Teamplay oriented server

AhoyWorld Enhanced was setup to be more serious that EU#1/2


Our in house mission, made for fps and teamplay

Our own hosted repo with setup-guide

Just follow the guide and you will be playing in no time!

Check out the forums

See whats being discussed and find all the links for the guides to become a functioning player of AhoyWorld Enhanced.