Here are a list of frequently asked questions in regards to the Enhanced server:


Q: I’ve just downloaded the mods but I can not connect to the server?


  1. Close your game, untick the mod group, tick it again and try connecting to the server.
  2. Check you’ve downloaded ALL the mods.
  3. Make sure all the mods are in the same location


Q: Any mods not working correctly (ACE or TFAR)?

A:    Click on Addons Options tab

Find Addon Priorities

Move CBA to the top of the list, followed by ACE and TFAR.

The order of others mods shouldn’t matter.

Q: Game wants to restart with BattlEye (BE), can I launch directly with BE?


  1. Click on Launcher Options tab
  2. Find Additional Parameters tab and type in 2 1 (2-empty space-1). This launches BE, updates it and launches the game with BE enabled
  3. In Arma III Executable Location section, click on Select, find your main Arma 3 directory and select arma3battleye.exe as your executable

Q: I don’t want to launch Arma3Sync every time I want to play on the server. Is there a faster way to launch the game with mods.


  1. In Arma3Sync, click on Profiles (top left corner) and select the profile your modded preset was created (usually Default one, unless you have created manually)
  2. Click Profiles again
  3. Select Shortcut, that should create a shortcut on your Desktop with the modlist and all additional info written in the shortcut. You can rename it to anything you want.

Note: If there is a change in repository, the shortcut will not update on its own, you have to do it manually. Don’t edit the shortcut manually by doing right-click on it and going into its properties and edit the Target of it, due to Windows limitations, not all characters/words fit in there. ALWAYS update it through Arma3Sync by reproducing upper steps.

Q: A black CMD window regarding BattlEye (BE) shows errors and blocks ACE DLLs.


  1. Master BE server is down or unavailable, nothing we can do. It is usually back online in 5-10 minutes, but longer periods of unavailability can occur.
  2. Try starting Arma3Sync on the normal Arma3.exe and not that Arma3Battleeye.exe,  then once server asks for B. E enabled, let it restart manually.  This works for around half players.


AWE – AhoyWorld Enhanced

Q: I found a bug, how should I report it to get it fixed?

A: Use this Thread and comment with the map, version, mission name and what the bug was. Provide as much information as you can so we can easily identify the issue.

Q: I downloaded all the mods and I can connect to the server but my TFAR plugin isn’t       showing in TS3


  1. Open the @Task_Force_Radio folder
  2. navigate to the teamspeak folder
  3. Close your teamspeak and click proceed
  4. Open the plugin file and install
  1. Once the installation is done start teamspeak as Administrator
  2. Open Settings -> plugins on teamspeak and activate TFAR

Q: Can I join straight into Enhanced upon launching my game *yes you can*


  1. Open Arma3Sync
  2. Select the online tab
  3. On the right side of your screen click the + sign to add a new server
  4. Fill in the following the details for the new server that appeared

Description = AhoyWorld EU #3

IP Address =

Port = 2302

Password = *Leave this empty* (srsly leave it empty)

Join with modset = *Select the EU #3 modlist from the dropdown*

  1. At the bottom of Arma3Sync select the the server you just added
  2. Click Start game to try out the new tweak


Q: Why can’t I use PlayWithSix anymore? I was able to use it a while ago.

A:  We no longer support PwS due to some of the custom keys we use.

If you have any questions about the server please feel free to ask them in the enhanced area of the forums and if we feel it necessary we will update the FAQ.

Many thanks everyone and we hope this helps!


Teamplay oriented server

AhoyWorld Enhanced was setup to be more serious that EU#1/2


Our in house mission, made for fps and teamplay

Our own hosted repo with setup-guide

Just follow the guide and you will be playing in no time!

Check out the forums

See whats being discussed and find all the links for the guides to become a functioning player of AhoyWorld Enhanced.