AhoyWorld began from humble beginnings back in February 2012 with a small group of friends from an IT Apprenticeship, Jack, Sam, George and Andy. Shortly after, Daniel, Fergus and David, friends of Jack since 2010 joined the site to help with development. Here is our original logo in action.

All keen players of ArmA II and Minecraft, plans were made for servers, a dedicated server nicknamed Caroline was purchased and a Minecraft server was swiftly in action, the original plan being for an economy system and an Ahoy+ quest mode with a giant derelict palace as the centrepiece, vines hanging from the ceiling and 3 portals on each edge leading down to a central portal. At the same time an ArmA II server was arranged running the Takistan version of Domination. Unfortunately neither servers really took off & the member base grew at a very shallow rate.

Fast forward to 5th March 2013, nothing much had changed but all the staff were on the preorder list for ArmA III. As soon as ArmA III was released Jack set to work on creating a multiplayer mission, as we were unsure on the status of Domination by xeno he started work on an unofficial version of Domination. Within 24 hours it was up and running, although there was no base protection and it was very basic, but it worked. It filled up fast and we quickly reached server rank 1. A few weeks later, we were contacted by xeno who informed us that he was intending to develop Domination for ArmA III, we then changed the name of the mission from Domination to Invade & Annex together with a few alterations to separate the two.

After our initial success a few of our top tier staff left the site due to outside commitments culminating in the site & all AhoyWorld assets eventually being handed over (August 2013) to Daniel (razgriz33) the then site owner. By this time only a handful of the original staff remained, Daniel (razgriz33) & David (Muckduck). Thankfully due to our efforts on recruiting new administration staff we still had a strong leadership team in with kamaradski & Jester who rose through the ranks and were promoted to core staff in the months before. Despite the dropping of staff members, AhoyWorld remained strong due to our friendly, bustling community and our proactive stance on administration and selection. Later Daniel (razgriz33) handed ownership of the site to David (Muckduck) the now site owner in February 2016 due to the stresses of running the community. Over time many new members have been added to our administration team & AhoyWorld has grown into what it is today, a strong community now hosting multiple ArmA III servers and a very busy TeamSpeak server.