What is Enhanced?

Welcome to AhoyWorld Enhanced
AhoyWorld’s Modded ArmA 3 Server
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The enhanced server provides AhoyWorld users with the ability to experience ArmA 3 in a friendly, tactical and realistic environment. We base our server around the values of teamwork, communication and respect. As well as being an open and welcoming community we strongly believe in a zero tolerance of users who don’t respect our server and rules.

The server involves users playing together in a much more squad friendly environment with a zero tolerance to lone wolves. The use of Teamspeak 3 is mandatory to communicate using the ACRE2 mod. This mod allows for communication ingame by use of radios in conjunction with Teamspeak 3.

All new users must connect to TeamSpeak, read the EU#3 channel description and speak to a few of our members before starting your enhanced adventure. You can also ask a member who is willing to help guide you through some of the basics. When playing on our enhanced server, we expect you to follow fellow players you will also be required to follow the orders of command/squad leaders. but don’t worry you’ll have the opportunity to do these roles in the future.

This website section is created to allow new and regular users to find all the information on our enhanced server they require with ease.