How to’s

This is a simple guide on how to download our PUBLIC addons and the ENHANCED server addons.

Allowed addons will work on all our Public ArmA3 servers (EU#1 and #2).

Modded server addons will ONLY work on EU#3.

First of all Download & Install ArmA3Sync: ArmA3Sync

VIDEO GUIDE for those have trouble following text and do better with following on-screen instructions:

Text Version:

Setting up Arma3Sync:

1. Start Arma3Sync

2. Set your arma3.exe and hit “OK”. (F.ex. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe)

3. Go to the “Addon Options”-tab.

4. Click the Posted Image button to set your “Addon Search Directory”.

5. Select your Arma 3 folder. (F.ex. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3)

6. Set your preferred options under the “Launcher Options”-tab

Setting up the ALLOWED/MODDED repository(For this guide we will be using modded but it is just the same for allowed as you’ll see):

1. Go to the “Repositories”-tab

2. Click the Posted Image button on the right side to add a new repository.

3. In the new window, paste in the “Public auto-config url”

4. Click “Import” and “Ok”

5. Tick the “Notify”-button.

6. Click Posted Image to connect to the new repository.

7. Once connected, hit Posted Image to check for addons.

8. When “Check for Addons” is Finished, select all available mods in the “Repository content”-box.

9. Make sure that “Default destination folder” is set to your Arma 3-folder.

10. Click the Posted Image button to start downloading the mods.

When prompted with “Download is finished”:

1. Close the “AhoyWorld Modded/Official”-tab

2. Go to the “Addons”-tab

3. Click “Modsets”

4. Select “Ahoyworld Modded/Official” Depending on the one you want.

5. Tick off your new group.

Setting up ACRE2

**NOTE: Do not have TeamSpeak 3 open during this part.**

To install ACRE follow this method:


1. Go to “Tools” drop-down menu and select ACRE Installer.

Posted Image

2. Setup all the paths (example below) and click proceed.

Posted Image

Once the TeamSpeak plugin is installed, make sure that you enable it. In TeamSpeak go to Settings->Plugins to enable it.

That is it, you should be ready to start playing!

Remember to run TeamSpeak 3 and ArmA 3 as administrator

For more info on ACRE visit: ACRE2

Finally here are some of our guides made by the users of this community.

How to use the mortars ingame that ace changes quite a bit:

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