Eu#3 Shorthand Ruleset

EU#3 Rules and Guidelines

Shorthand rule-set

First of all, No Teamkilling Ever!!! This should not even have to be posted here, I mean come on guys, seriously, you should know better.

Secondly, One of the most important rules that we have to follow, is to follow the chain of command. Listen to your squad leaders and squad leaders listen to the command squad.

Third, We are going to restrict squad leader and platoon leader slots to a few players who have shown that they either have the knowledge to lead or they can perform under pressure.

Enforcement: We will now be taking harsher punishments on people who have broken any rules. We have previously been very lenient on players who have broken/pushed the rules, but not anymore.

Eu#3 Server Rules

Complete List of Rules:

  • Use of teamspeak is mandatory
    • You must be on teamspeak with a mic ( to play on EU#3.
  • No teamkilling allowed:
    • Do not teamkill. This one shouldn’t even be here… ANY type of on purpose teamkilling will not be accepted. IE: Revenge killing, executions, dicking around.
    • Wrongfully using medical supplies IE. Injecting someone with any sort of drug without a medical need is not permitted.
  • Do not put others in a teamkilling situation:
    • Do not dare/antagonize someone to teamkill, and/or create a situation where teamkilling is very likely to happen.(Capturing an enemy vehicle and failing to properly notify your team)
  • Listen to the Chain Of Command:
    • This is quite simply means if command tells you you’re not allowed to fly CAS at this time. Please do not go fly CAS. Just use common sense and listen to what your commanding officer is telling you.
  • Fill the primary slots before secondary/support:
    • Alpha should be filled before other support elements/squad slots are taken. *MAT or HAT will be accepted however both before alpha fills will not*
    • Filling Marksman and medic slots in other squads before alpha is not filled is strictly against the rules.
    • Platoon command and Engi/demo are accepted however playing FAC/Medic before Platoon Command is taken is also not acceptable.
  • Text chat should be minimal:
    • Please keep the use of text channels to a minimum. Side/Global channels are currently disabled.
    • Please try not sending too much game related information over squad channel either.
  • Do not fire a weapon in base:
    • Do not discharge any of your weapons in base on purpose! *We recommend turning your weapon safety on whilst in base. This can be done by pressing CTRL + ` (Tilde Key) simultaneously. This includes launchers with their back blast, grenades etc . We allow mistakes with grenades, but multiple mistakes will not be tolerated.
  • Pilots must be authorized to use Jets/CAS:
    • Pilots should not get into jets/helicopters unless told to by Command elements. With the priority being set to transport. This also includes Logi (Which is not a transport helicopter). With no more than 1 pilot team for every 8 ground troops. Co-Pilots are not allowed to fly on their own since they are co-pilots and should always fly with their corresponding pilot. Unless your pilot authorizes you otherwise or if he is wounded or KIA, you are not supposed to be in control of the aircraft.
  • 2 Seater aircraft\CAS should not be flown solo:
    • Do not use 2 seater aircraft when alone. This means no flying CAS Helicopters solo (AH-6 class helicopters are allowed to be flown solo, only on the orders of platoon command).
  • Pilots/Vehicle crews should be on standby:
    • CAS pilots(Helicopter/Jet) and Tank Crews should be on standby in a safe orbit over/around the AO unless instructed otherwise by command element(Not Squad Leaders). CAS standby and not fire unless told to by command. Tank crews and Air crews are not permitted to go free for all on AOs.
  • Firing 20mm or 30mm cannon can cause server lag issues, so please use them with discretion.
  • Play your role:
    • If you select a role, please play that role. *Please check the useful links section at the bottom for a list of what each role should be using.*
    • By this we mean: We do not want to see a medic with a DMR and/or AT Launcher. We also expect you to play as the faction you are. BLUFOR faction gear with BLUFOR and OPFOR with OPFOR. OPFOR does not use AR type weaponry (m4 based weapons) and they do not use MTP/Multicam, DPM or any other NATO used camouflaged clothing.
    • This rule also covers the amount of gear you carry. Anymore than 20 mags is NOTacceptable as you will run out of stamina fairly quickly and endanger the team when you are stationary in a open field.
    • Doing the explosive specialist’s job and/or using explosives he should be planting are not tolerated, unless there is no explosive specialist/engineer online.
  • First Medic is always in-charge:
    • The first medic on a scene decides how to treat a patient. Do not run up to a patient and start doing medical stuff without asking the on scene medic first or your squad medic for help first.
  • Radios are not for chit-chat:
    • Please keep radio chatter to a minimum. If you have to idle talk do it so LOCALLY.
    • No two squads on the same shortwave channel.
  • The motor pool and spawn areas are not for helicopters or jets:
    • Do not land them there. Use the helicopter staging areas. When no helipad is available, land outside base in a safe area. On Panthera and Fallujah please use the taxi-ways and power down once landed to cause as little noise disruption as possible. Landing next to the arsenal box is not acceptable in any circumstance.
  • It is not acceptable to arrest (handcuff) anyone for any reason:
    • If you wish to AFK disconnect or return to base. Respawn if you have to. Cuffs will not be used to drag you around.
  • Please do not nag moderators\admins or command if you can use CAS:
    • This will only annoy them. Ask once and only once. This also includes the spawning of vehicles. We will not spawn vehicles on demand
  • English only over Radio Comms please.
    • We are an European based community however we ask that users speak English when around others. You’re more than welcome to talk your own language in a private channel or direct chat when not around others.
  • Giving out the ACRE2 channel password is awarded with a ONE week ban
    • All users have to read through the rules and submit this form to get the ACRE2 channel password.
    • Users have to use the main ACRE2 channel, lonewolfing with a friend in a temp channel is not allowed!!
EU#3 Gamenight additional rules

Attitude and time
Our gamenights are a once or twice a week event for people to get together in mass and play a tactical, large group session. They require quite a bit of time before to plan out and get started. If you don’t have the time to wait for a mission to be planned and organised, then maybe gamenights are not for you. A large group of people free up 3-4 hours of their day to come to the events, they would rather not listen to people moaning ,being impatient and immature.

We’ve now implemented the sign up system. If you sign up you’ll be awarded with your number one slot should it be available. Where as turning up on the day may mean you’ll be given a leftover slot. Should your situation change please post on the forum thread notifying that you can’t. Failure to do so could mean you won’t be involved in the following gamenight.

Listening to Command/Squad Leaders
During the gamenights we try to play tactikool, almost milsim style. This means a full chain of command is operating. You are expected to be a teamplay and listen to your squad lead/commander. No going at it solo or just totally ignoring an order. Doing this will very likely result in a kick from the gamenight.

Backseat commanding: This is the act of a squad leader telling the commander how the mission should be planned and played. This will not happen anymore. The commander is in charge of planning and how the operation should flow and his orders are final. If you don’t like the commanders plan, then put yourself forward for command. If you disagree or don’t trust the plan made by the commander, you can respecfully suggest an alternative. But do this after the commander has finished talking. If you think the plan is flawed is some way, but you do not have an alternative plan, keep it to yourself. Critisizing a plan without adding something constucting doesn’t help anyone.

JIP & Respawn
If you JIP(Join In Progress) please select a role that will balance out the squads the most.

When you JIP or respawn at base, try to contact the commander. You can do this by either getting a LR radio, or get in the driver seat of a vehicle. Then either try to get in touch with command or with AIR and they will tell you what to do.

Here you will find rules concerning EU#3

These are to be followed at all time as EU#3 is more serious than EU#1\2