Q: I’ve just downloaded the mods but I can not connect to the server?

  • Close your game, untick the mod group, tick it again and try connecting to the server.

  • Check you’ve downloaded ALL the mods.

  • Make sure all the mods are in the same location

Q: Any mods not working correctly (ACE or ACRE)?
A: Click on Addons Options tab

Find Addon Priorities


Move CBA to the top of the list, followed by ACE and ACRE.


The order of others mods shouldn’t matter.

Q: Game wants to restart with BattlEye (BE), can I launch directly with BE?

  • Click on Launcher Options tab

  • Find Additional Parameters tab and type in 2 1 (2-empty space-1). This launches BE, updates it and launches the game with BE enabled

  • In Arma III Executable Location section, click on Select, find your main Arma 3 directory and select arma3battleye.exe as your executable

*the already existing picture showing the correct setup can be posted here*

Q: I don’t want to launch Arma3Sync every time I want to play on the server. Is there a faster way to launch the game with mods.


  • in Arma3Sync, click on Profiles (top left corner) and select the profile your modded preset was created (usually Default one, unless you have created manually)

  • click Profiles again

  • select Shortcut, that should create a shortcut on your Desktop with the modlist and all additional info written in the shortcut. You can rename it to anything you want.

Note: If there is a change in repository, the shortcut will not update on its own, you have to do it manually.
Don’t edit the shortcut manually by doing right-click on it and going into its properties and edit the Target of it, due to Windows limitations, not all characters/words fit in there. ALWAYS update it through Arma3Sync by reproducing upper steps.

Q: A black CMD window regarding BattlEye (BE) shows errors and blocks ACE DLLs.

  • Master BE server is down or unavailable, nothing we can do. It is usually back online in 5-10 minutes, but longer periods of unavailability can occur.

  • Try starting Arma3Sync on the normal Arma3.exe and not that Arma3Battleeye.exe, then once server asks for B. E enabled, let it restart manually. This works for around half players.

Q: I found a bug, how should I report it to get it fixed?
A: Use this report system

Q: I downloaded all the mods and I can connect to the server but my ACRE plugin isn’t showing in TS3

  • Open Arma3Sync

  • At the top under tools click ACRE 2 Installer(new window should pop up)

  • Fill in the 2 installation directories (in the new window)


8]TS3 = *default*
C:\Program Files (x86)\Teamspeak 3


8]@ACRE2\plugin = *default*
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\@ACRE2\plugin

  • Close your teamspeak and click proceed

  • Once the installation is done start teamspeak as Administrator

  • Open Settings -> plugins on teamspeak and activate ACRE2

Q: Can I join straight into EU#3 upon launching my game *yes you can*

  • Open Arma3Sync

  • Select the online tab

  • On the right side of your screen click the + sign to add a new server

  • Fill in the following the details for the new server that appeared

7]Description = AhoyWorld EU #3

7]IP Address =

7]Port = 2302

7]Password = *Leave this empty* (srsly leave it empty)

7]Join with modset = *Select the EU #3 modlist from the dropdown*

  • At the bottom of Arma3Sync select the the server you just added

  • Click Start game to try out the new tweak

Q: Why can’t I use PlayWithSix anymore? I was able to use it a while ago.
A: We no longer support PwS due to some of the custom keys we use.